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Michael C. Routh, Jr.
Michael C. Routh, Jr.


TyMatt Direct, LLC is an executive search firm that specializes in the direct marketing, database marketing and catalog industry. Successfully transitioning your company into the new dynamic economy is a challenge no matter where you are located or what you do. The need for leaders with the right mix of skills, experience and cultural compatibility is crucial. TyMatt Direct has never lost focus on providing the value of an executive search that meet these criteria. We are uncompromising when it comes to securing human capital for our clients that are in need of the best possible talent for a given level of compensation, skills and experience.

Our resources and expertise are best suited for clients in need of marketing, creative, merchandising, customer service, fulfillment and operations people from the mid to senior level management structure of an organization.

All of our recruiters recruit specifically for direct marketing roles and have an intricate knowledge of the direct marketing industry and its key players.


TyMatt Direct is an executive search firm committed to demanding excellence and creating a sense of urgency to efficiently complete every assignment to assure our client gets the candidate that meets its needs.

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